Gallery: Modern Landscape in St. George UT

This modern landscape design was created by The Yard Dr. of St. George. Modern landscapes typically have lots of strong contra

Modern landscape design

What is a modern landscape? It can vary, but it is typically done with straight lines, stark contrast and very specific to the

Spec Home St. George Utah

Here In Southern Utah, dyed bark has become a popular choice for landscapes

Modern or Estate Style Landscape in St. George UT

Modern Landscape in St. George UT. Designed and completed by The Yard Dr.

Water Feature & Flame Feature in a South West Landscape near St. George Utah

This southwest theme landscape in St. George Utah Features a backyard Paradise with a view! This is an environment friendly la

Putting green with sandpit and Poolscape

This backyard putting green has a sandpit and is located right next to the swimming pool. Completed by Josh Cooper

Pool Scape

Along with all the other photos on the website. This landscape was completed by The Yard Dr. of St. George.

Southwest Desert style Landscape near Ivins UT.

A southwest desert-themed landscape in a rural part of the St. George area. The surrounding wild landscape was a similar look

Planter Pot, Poolscape, and Inground Trampoline

Adding some greenery around the pool can really add a lot to the atmosphere.

Modern Landscape in Ivins Utah

Straight edges and lots of contrast in color are typical features of modern landscape design.

Modern Landscape with strong contrast in color

A modern landscape design in St. George Utah. To learn more about what makes a modern landscape design, click here

Modern Landscape with Dry Riverbed

Modern Landscape

Modern Style Landscape

Modern style landscape with a dry riverbed

Modern style Firepit in a Desert theme landscape

Gas fire pit in Ivins Utah

Landscape in St. George Utah

This landscape was completed by The Yard Dr. of St. George Utah