Putting green with sandpit and Poolscape

This backyard putting green has a sandpit and is located right next to the swimming pool. Completed by Josh Cooper

Southwest Desert style Landscape near Ivins UT.

A southwest desert-themed landscape in a rural part of the St. George area. The surrounding wild landscape was a similar look

Planter Pot, Poolscape, and Inground Trampoline

Adding some greenery around the pool can really add a lot to the atmosphere.

Modern Landscape with strong contrast in color

A modern landscape design in St. George Utah. To learn more about what makes a modern landscape design, click here

Modern Landscape

Modern Style Landscape

Modern style landscape with a dry riverbed

Modern style Firepit in a Desert theme landscape

Gas fire pit in Ivins Utah

Gallery: Modern Landscape in St. George UT

This modern landscape design was created by The Yard Dr. of St. George. Modern landscapes typically have lots of strong contra

Garden Bed – Landscape Makeover

Desert theme Landscape makeover with a stone walkway and dry river bed

For this desert-themed landscape makeover, we added some large boulders, plants, and a stone walkway. We also re-graded the su

Side yard Putting Green – Before and After

Putting green on the side yard of a home in St. George Utah

Modern Landscape Before and After – The Yard Dr. of St. George Utah

Quick preview of the transformation of a newly constructed yard